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An Elevated Bathing Experience 

As a natural and vegan bath and body brand, we are committed to well-being, and we’re convinced that, based on medical research, healing and wellness products holistically benefit the body and mind. Our quality raw materials are paramount in manufacturing our entire product line, and our 100-year history as one of the most respected European-based companies allows us to formulate products according to EU Cosmetic GMP regulations, with natural and plant-based ingredients at a price consumers demand.

We refrain from any animal testing, all of our formulations are microplastic-free, and we carefully consider recycled materials and the sustainability of our packaging.

Dresdner Essenz surprises consumers with our modern, extraordinary and unexpected fragrances. We're a people-focused, multi-sensory brand and have thoughtfully created our wide array of natural, vegan aromatherapy products catered to consumers' needs, ultimately earning their business and trust by helping them feel rejuvenated.

As a retailer partnering with Dresdner Essenz, you can take advantage of more than 100 years of bath products market knowledge and experience from a European-based manufacturer.


When it comes to providing effective high-quality, natural and vegan bath & body products at an affordable price, Dresdner Essenz is the choice for your customers!


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This is how healthy bathing can be...


Our bath salts packaging allows consumers to smell the fragrance through the "Discover the Scent" feature and then buy their favorite choice of scents.


Discover our variety of bath additives HERE

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Our ingredients

All products are made with the finest natural, plant-based ingredients, following EU Cosmetic GMP regulations. 

NO Parabens, SLES, PEGs

Microplastic-free formulation & vegan


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