Why Giving Helps Your Overall Health

Why Giving Helps Your Overall Health

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 28th Nov 2021

Giving back allows you to help others and improve your overall health. The holiday season often brings on high levels of emotional and physical stress. From shopping and spending more time with family to rushing to get everything done in time, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos. Helping others boosts your self-esteem and happiness and reduces feelings of stress and depression.


The science of giving shows that having a purpose is good for your brain. One study found that giving can create a “warm glow” effect by activating regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. This explains why you may feel happy and excited to give someone a gift or volunteer. The feelings of satisfaction and happiness come from serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These are chemicals in your brain that influence your mood and play a role in your mental health. Scientists have found that the release of endorphins from giving stimulates the reward center in the brain, and creates what is known as the “helper’s high.” This high can encourage you to continue giving after the holiday season, which can serve as an added benefit to your mental health. This Dresdner Essenz Winter Happiness Bath Salt packet makes a great gift during and after this busy season.


Research shows that volunteering and giving to charity supports physical health. Studies on elderly people have found that those who volunteered and gave back through organizations in their community had a lower risk of dying over a five-year period than those who did not volunteer their time. Two reasons why researchers suggest that giving may have a physiological benefit and extend your life include lower blood pressure and reduced levels of stress. High blood pressure and stress are often associated with other health problems, so anything you do to reduce these two will benefit your body. While a health benefit associated with receiving gifts hasn’t been proven, you can support your own well-being by giving others this natural Stress Relief Bundle or this Cozy Winter Moments Bath Salt to relax and de-stress this holiday season.


People driven by purpose who are generous with their time, money, or resources tend to be happier overall. Giving in ways that allow you to see the impact of your actions can help you feel more connected and improve your self-esteem. Discover causes that you are passionate about or groups you want to help and find ways to support them. Charitable giving is a part of many religions for a reason. When you help others, you help your mind, body, and soul. By giving to others, you have an opportunity to promote your own happiness, while touching the lives of others and making a difference.

At Dresdner Essenz, our philosophy is backed by psychological findings that confirm how healing and wellness products are most effective in offering benefits for our body and spirit when used holistically. We want to help you relax and unwind, so you can enjoy the experience of giving. You deserve these moments of pure satisfaction and gratitude. Shop today to find a gift to give this holiday season that promotes health and happiness for you and others.