Tips for a stress-free bath time

Tips for a stress-free bath time

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 30th Sep 2019

Bath time can be a stressful event for kids. Whether they associate bath time with the end of the day and dreaded bedtime or are afraid of the sights and sounds of water, here are a few creative ideas to help make bath time a smooth and enjoyable experience at any age.

Change up the routine

If your kids fight bath time because they know it’s the start of their bedtime routine, try changing it up one weekend, bathing them at a different time of day, like after breakfast or after their afternoon nap, to help break the association with bedtime and help them to become more comfortable with bath time at any time of day.

Make it an experience

Bubbles, toys, music and some other fun additions could make a big difference in your kids’ attitude about bathing. If you make bath time a whole to-do about having fun and not just about getting clean, your kids will enjoy having another time and place to play.

Provide some freedom

Sometimes all kids want is independence. Show them how to wash their hair and body, and then only help when needed. They’ll get a sense of accomplishment and you’ll be encouraging self-care.

Choose the right bath products

Kids’ skin is really sensitive and can be easily irritated by soaps and other bath products, so it’s important to take into consideration the types of products you use. Try to find brands that shy away from ingredients on the Dirty Dozen list and include all-natural and plant-based ingredients that promote healthy well-being.

Dresdner Essenz can help you turn bath time into fun time. Our Dirty Birdie line of bath products are specifically developed for kids age 3 and up, carry the NATRUE seal of approval and are formulated with quality, all-natural and plant-based ingredients. Your kids will love the bright colors, fun scents and exciting sounds of our Dirty Birdie bath crackles, scented bath salts and bubble bath, and you can order them online at

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