How to Make Bath Time Fun with Bedtime Stories

How to Make Bath Time Fun with Bedtime Stories

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 26th Feb 2021

Story time is a staple in bedtime routines for children of all ages. Whether you are using a story from a book or telling your own, the possibilities are endless when it comes to imagination and creativity. Starting your stories during bath time also creates the opportunity for a seamless transition from one activity, to the tub, then to your child’s bed.

Create an Experience Your Kids Will Look Forward 

When it comes to bath time, your first challenge as a parent is to get your child into the bathtub. Even if your child loves taking baths, getting kids to stop what they are doing and transition to a different activity can be difficult. Bath time is often a signal for kids that their day of adventure and getting dirty is over and it’s time to think about getting ready to wind down for bed. Turning bath time into story time can make this routine event something that kids look forward to at the end of their day. If you are saving story time for the time your child gets into bed, this becomes the favorite and most compelling moment in their bedtime routine. Getting a head start on this story time process gives you more time to enjoy with your child each night. Rather than being rushed through the experience, beginning stories a bit earlier gives kids a chance to have more fun and memorable experiences with you.

Say Hello to Imagination and Creativity 

Kiss boredom goodbye! Bubbles and toys are great for entertaining kids, but they have their limits and can be a hassle to clean up when bath time is over. Nothing compares to a story that sparks imagination and creativity. If you aren’t comfortable making up your own stories, fairy tales are a great place to start. In honor of February 26th being National Fairy Tale Day, let imagination run wild. This is a great exercise for children. Toys and bath products are still great additions and can be used as props to help bring a story to life even more. Our Bath Crackles can be used to turn your tub into a magical cauldron for potions that snap and crackle. Maybe the character in your story is cooking an extravagant meal with pots and pans sizzling and popping with delicious flavors. With their fruity and sweet scents, our dirty birdie 4in1 Body Wash and Scented Bath for Kids can transport you and your child to a field of fresh blackberries or garden filled with raspberries. You can take your child to a tropical, sunshine-filled paradise with this orange-vanilla Body Wash. Its natural essential orange oil has a mood-enhancing and exhilarating effect that is perfect for setting a warm and sunny scene in your story.

Say Goodbye to the Battle with Bedtime 

Taking a break in your story, especially at a part that grabs their attention, is a smart way to help your child finish getting ready for bed and feel excited about hopping into the covers to resume the story. This is a great routine to have in place if you are short on time. Creating smoother transitions for kids makes their routines quicker and easier for you and more enjoyable for them. When it’s late, a quick and rushed shower or bath might be appealing, but this takes away from a process that can be enjoyable and rewarding. Turning bath time into story time also gives you the chance to have more quality time with your kids. It can be a time for fairy tales and epic adventures, or stories about your own childhood or even daily activities. This is perfect for building in some sharing-time, especially if your child is at daycare or school during the day. Instead of associating bath time with bedtime and some of the least enjoyable parts of the day, start thinking about bath time as bonding time.

Start Planning Your Bath Time Story for Bedtime Tonight 

Today is the day to rethink how you and your kids experience bath time. First, think of your favorite childhood books, fairy tales, fables, and family memories and why you liked them so much. Remember the characters you loved and despised. Then, imagine what they would sound like if you were impersonating them. Think about what stories your child would love to hear and how you might bring them to life. You might want to look for toy props, bubble bath, or other bath products ahead of time so you can jump right into the story and keep it alive the entire time. Whether you find your inspiration before bath time or go with the flow to create an imaginary world, remember that bringing story time into bath time is all about bonding with your child and turning a not-so-fun routine experience into a special event with moments you can cherish and remember forever.

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