How to make an environmental impact this holiday season

How to make an environmental impact this holiday season

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 30th Dec 2019

Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. When it comes to sustainable packaging, focusing on the four “Rs” of recycling ensures the materials and processes used have the most beneficial impact on the environment. By definition, sustainable packaging is:

“packaging that has been manufactured from sustainable materials using energy from renewable sources. The packaging should remain safe and effective throughout its life cycle, after which its component materials should be fully recyclable, thus creating a closed loop of manufacturing and usage.”

This holiday season, you can help make a difference by paying attention to the types of products you purchase and the packaging in which it comes by looking for these important criteria:

Less overall material

Choosing products that use less material can have a substantial impact on the environment by contributing less waste to landfills. Try to find products that are not individually wrapped or are free from unnecessary plastic wraps. Instead, buy in bulk when needed—these products use minimal packaging, and some products even come concentrated and ready for you to refill your reusable bottles, creating less packaging and more product for your money.

Designed for reuse

Being able to reuse the packaging or materials is another great quality of recyclable packaging. Candles that are made with wide mouth glass jars can be repurposed into storage or kitchenware, and plastic bottles can be utilized to make useful organization tools for your home.

Designed for recycling

Look for packaging that has the recycling symbol listed on the product. For packaging to be considered recyclable, it needs to meet certain criteria, including type of material and cleanliness.

Innovative packaging

Plastics are the world’s biggest challenge, and major brands are beginning to adapt to find alternatives to plastic-heavy packaging. When looking for gifts this holiday season, look for products that use innovative replacements like plant-based or food-based plastics. These alternatives are compostable and biodegradable and are a responsible approach to sustainable packaging.

At Dresdner Essenz, we carefully consider the use of recycled materials and the recyclability of our packaging. Our process protects the environment by handling resources in a sustainable manner using energy-efficient means from sourcing ingredients to packaging our bath and body products. You can learn more about our philosophy and dedication to sustainability at

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