How to Be Kind to Yourself This Holiday Season

How to Be Kind to Yourself This Holiday Season

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 18th Dec 2020

You do not have to give in to the holiday pressure of buying the perfect gifts or staging the best décor in the front yard. This season already comes with its share of emotional challenges, so let’s focus on ways you can relieve the stress and encourage a healthier well-being.

Help others

People who have emotional struggles sometimes isolate themselves from others. They may not want to impose their stress onto their loved ones or draw unwanted attention. However, researchers say that it actually helps to help others. For starters, it can boost self-confidence.According to the Mayo Clinic, volunteering decreases the risk of depression, gives a sense of purpose and helps people stay mentally and physically active. Studies have also shown that volunteers with chronic conditions experience a decline in pain and depression when helping others with similar conditions.


You are not alone. According to the CDC, more than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime. Some common signs of mental stress include anxiety, irritability and irregular sleep patterns. Taking some small steps can make a big impact on your mood. Healthline suggests journaling about what you’re experiencing and avoid suppressing negative feelings as a way to cope. Give yourself time to deal with these emotions and try to be aware that you could feel differently later. Aim to focus on anything that might have been positive within that experience. Be sure to reward yourself for reaching any of the goals you have set during that time, and celebrate these. Playing your favorite holiday song or watching a cheerful movie will help to boost your mood. Practice this often for the best results.

Online therapy and meditation

Difficult experiences can be challenging to combat alone. Browse your smartphone store to download apps that provide online therapy with licensed therapists. This option gives you access to therapists outside of your geographic territory, offered at a reduced cost, and provides greater flexibility with scheduling. Having the ability to talk to a professional while in the comfort of your own environment might also increase your progress. Meditation incorporates calming exercises and breathing techniques. Clinical studies show that meditation can help reduce symptoms associated with mental disorders such a depression and anxiety. It promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness and increases positivity, empathy and compassion.

With our various Dresdner Essenz product lines, we continue to develop bath and body offerings to help refresh, balance and enhance your mood. We offer an assortment of natural care products that are primarily formulated with natural and plant-based ingredients and essential oils that help support the body’s healing abilities and can aid in restoring a healthy balance. This season, you can treat yourself with some of our holiday-scented baths, such as our Blaze Of Lights Bath Salt, Cozy Winter Moments Bath Salt, or Sweet Surprise Bath Pearls, all featuring nourishing and uplifting ingredients that serve to soothe body and spirit. 

For more information and to browse our featured sets that help relieve tense muscles and calm the mind, visit our Sets page and give yourself the gift of relaxation this holiday season.

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