Don’t miss this critical step in your workout routine

Don’t miss this critical step in your workout routine

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 16th Oct 2019

Post-exercise recovery is an essential step in any workout routine. Ensuring you incorporate a healthy recovery plan after dropping the weights and taking off your running shoes allows your body to heal quickly and train more effectively. As a tip, it usually takes a day or two for muscles to fully recover, and sometimes up to five days depending on the type of workout and how you handle the recovery process. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your post-workout routine, help you recover more quickly and ensure you stay on track for your fitness goals.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Amanda Carlson, vice president of nutrition and research at EXOS, states “as little as 2% weight loss due to sweating can lead to up to a 25% decrease in productivity.” It’s important to drink the right amount of water before and during workouts to maintain hydration, but consuming enough after exercise is a step that’s easy to forget. Every person is different, so take cues from your body to determine how much water you require to stay properly hydrated. Signs of dehydration include feeling tired, having muscle cramps, dizziness and other more serious symptoms.

Go get that massage

Massage therapy has gained popularity outside of luxury spas due to its health and wellness benefits, and is increasingly being offered as treatment for a many different medical conditions. Studies have found massages can help relieve stress, pain and muscle tension, as well as help treat anxiety, fibromyalgia and strains or injuries. Best of all, massages have been shown to speed up recovery time and improve muscle strength after strenuous exercise because they help work out the lactic acid and provide relief, setting you up to stay on track.

Soak in a bath

Soaking in a bath can help you de-stress, which is crucial for both your body and mind to be able to recover. When stress overcomes your body, you’re taking away its capacity to take on more, including building lean muscle. We recommend finding bath salts or bath essence made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils like juniper and rosemary to promote circulation, relax muscles and provide healing aromatherapy.

At Dresdner Essenz, we’re passionate about well-being through innovative products. We understand it isn’t always easy to take time away from our busy lives to relax and provide ourselves some much needed self-care, especially after exercise. Our Feel Naturally Healthy line of products, like Dresdner Essenz Muscle Therapy Bath Salt, provide benefits for both body and mind as part of a holistic lifestyle. You can find Muscle Therapy and more on

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