6 Practical Self-Care Ideas That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

6 Practical Self-Care Ideas That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 13th May 2020

Do you ever find yourself so busy that you forget to take care of your own self? Maybe you’re a working mother doing the grocery shopping, helping with homework, and trying to maintain some sort of organization in your home. To keep up with this lifestyle, you might be putting your self-care on the backburner — which could impact your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Setting aside time to take care of you is crucial for a healthy life, even if for only a few minutes a day. Taking steps to make sure you are healthy will boost your energy levels and allow you to better manage the stresses of everyday life. Here are 6 practical self-care ideas you can fit into your busy schedule in under 10 minutes.

Read a chapter of your favorite book

Let your mind escape within the pages of your favorite book or novel. Whether it’s nonfiction, fantasy, or self-help, your brain will appreciate the break from reality.

Listen to music

Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce stress, increase mood, and boost self-confidence. An upbeat playlist can give you energy, and soothing, soft music can help ease you to sleep.

Organize a space in your home

A well-organized home will help you feel happier and more relaxed. However, trying to clean the entire house in one go will most likely cause more stress than necessary, so take 10 minutes a day to organize little by little. Focus on manageable tasks like cleaning out your junk drawer, reorganizing the fridge, or finding a place to store the kids’ toys.

Do something creative

Spark your problem-solving and critical thinking skills by being creative. Step outside and practice taking photos of nature, follow along with a short video on how to knit, or try making a new recipe you recently found on Pinterest. Being creative will help you develop confidence in every area of your life.

Practice controlled breathing

Focusing on your breathing benefits both your mental and physical health. Controlled breathing, like the 4-7-8 technique, can help change our body’s autonomic nervous system, which controls things like heart rate, digestion, and stress response. To practice the 4-7-8 technique, first find a quiet place to sit comfortably without distractions. Begin by breathing in for 4 seconds, then hold the breath for 7, and exhale for 8. Repeat this cycle up to 4 times.

Use essential oils

Essential oils have been used as part of holistic wellness routines for hundreds of years. Oils derived from plants like lavender and hemp seed provide physical and mental benefits through aromatherapy and direct application on the skin. Many different studies have shown essential oils help treat anxiety, stress, and poor sleep habits. To incorporate essential oils into your self-care routine, use products like Dresdner Essenz Hemp Roll-On Body & Massage Oil or Soothe & Unwind Roll-On Body & Massage Oil to take advantage of the calming effects of these oils while providing your body a soothing and relaxing massage.

At Dresdner Essenz, we believe in using the healing properties of select plants and aromatherapy of essential oils to provide moments of peace and harmony to our well-being. To shop our bath and body products, visit littlemetime.com.

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