3 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness After Exercise

3 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 30th Jun 2021

Getting active outside boosts your mental and physical health. Outdoor exercise gives you a chance to take in fresh air, build muscle, and soak up vitamin D from the sun. Summer’s longer days and nice summer may tempt you to skip rest days. However, if you want to establish and maintain a consistent exercise routine, you should listen to your body. Sore muscles may lead to injury, and they are a sign that you should focus on rest and recovery before starting your next workout. The most effective post-exercise recovery practices will improve your health and strength. Creating a plan which includes how to manage needed rest days can help you stay on track with your fitness and wellness goals. Sitting idle and overindulging on rest days will only hurt your overall routine. Here are three ways to reduce muscle soreness after exercise for a quick and healthy recovery.

Massage Your Muscles 

Whether you get a deep tissue massage from a massage therapist or get a foam roller to use yourself, massaging your muscles can prevent and relieve soreness. After hiking, biking, or running, your legs might feel loose like jelly, but your muscles can tighten up overnight. This tightness can make your body feel sore and slow you down during the day. A massage from a therapist or a foam roller can improve blood circulation and flexibility. By breaking up tension and helping your muscles relax, a massage works as therapy during your recovery. To build a massage into your schedule, book your appointment ahead of time or plan a specific time for foam rolling, such as setting aside 15 minutes when you wake up, before you get in bed, or before you sit down for dinner.

Focus on What You Put in Your Body

After any outdoor activity in the summer heat and sun, it’s important to rehydrate and make sure you have enough electrolytes in your system to help your body retain fluids. Drinking water and staying hydrated reduces muscle soreness by speeding up the recovery process and allowing your muscles to repair themselves. Sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium are common electrolytes to look for in your pre-workout and post-exercise sports drinks, supplements, and foods. Electrolytes support a healthy recovery by working to prevent muscle cramps and regulating fluids in your body. Carbohydrates and protein should also be included in your recovery plan. After any intense physical activity or exhausting workout, your body will need to repair and rebuild muscle protein. Eating carbs helps to repair muscles and prevent muscle loss. Protein helps your body repair muscle tissue and rebuild muscle protein. Equipping your body with the nutrients you need to recover will help reduce muscle soreness and help you sustain a healthy exercise routine.

Relax, Rest, and Sleep 

After an intense workout, game of tennis, or long walk outside, one of the best things you can do for recovery is rest, relax, and get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a natural response to exhaustion brought on by the sun and rigorous activity. It allows your muscles to rest and gives your body time to recover and repair itself. To help your muscles relax before getting in bed, consider soaking in a bath or unwinding with a shower. This Stress Relief Bath Salt helps to relieve tension and allows your mind to relax.An ice bath or cold shower can help treat muscle soreness by reducing swelling and inflammation, while a warm bath or hot shower can help sore muscles by loosening them up and getting rid of tension. Try adding this Muscle Therapy Bath Salt to your bath for extra relief after physical activity. Our Feel Naturally Healthy products promote circulation, relax muscles, provide healing aromatherapy, and strengthen your immune system. This Post Workout Bath Salt leaves sore muscles and stiff joints feeling relieved and revitalized through holistic care with all-natural ingredient, including essential arnica and myrtle oils.

Reduce Muscle Soreness After Exercise 

With more daylight and sunny weather, summer is perfect for getting active outside. Whether you play a sport, cycle, swim, or exercise in any other way, dedicating time to recovery by treating sore muscles is the key to building a healthy and sustainable exercise routine. Remember to massage your muscles, focus on what you put in your body, and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and sleep. A healthy body is critical for your holistic well-being. At Dresdner Essenz, our philosophy is backed by research that confirms how healing and wellness products are most effective in offering benefits for our body, mind, and soul, when used holistically. We want to help you relax, unwind, and recover. That’s why we rely on the healing properties of select plants, aromatherapy of essential oils, and restorative power of essential fragrances. We only use ingredients with gentle and natural effects that help your mind and body feel rejuvenated and healthy. To find more products that can assist in reducing muscle soreness and add to your post-exercise recovery routine, shop