3 Ways to Find Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

3 Ways to Find Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 30th Apr 2021

Simple ways to help the planet include buying eco-friendly products and supporting brands that use environmentally conscious types of packaging. You can make a difference by seeking certain criteria when shopping for skincare and bath and body products. Additionally, more companies are taking steps to use
eco-friendly packaging materials and switch to alternative packaging solutions. Recognizing which brands use sustainable packaging allows you to make conscious and informed decisions throughout the buying process. As a consumer, you may consider a wide range of options when shopping for self-care products. Here are three criteria to look for as you shop brands and products and seek out ways to help the environment.

Natural Ingredients and Natural Cosmetics 

Natural cosmetics and skincare brands value harmony with nature and the impact of their packaging. Natural ingredients and natural cosmetics are typically sourced and formulated from plant-based substances and flower extracts. To ensure sustainability in production, natural cosmetics brands must ensure the preservation of various plant species and wildlife environments.

Natural products are also safer for your skin and the environment. At Dresdner Essenz, we refrain from synthetic dyes, silicones, and other petroleum products that contain harsh chemicals and have harmful effects on the environment. Instead, we use natural raw ingredients like plant-based oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts, blossom water, and essential oils. All of our Dirty Birdie products are certified by NATRUE, an international, not-for-profit association for natural and organic cosmetics requiring compliance with strict criteria. By taking steps towards more eco-friendly production and sourcing, natural skincare brands and their products support a healthier world.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Ingredients 

While vegan and cruelty-free products do not necessarily represent eco-friendly products, they do tend to have a less negative impact on the environment. By using natural ingredients, cruelty-free products release fewer toxins and harmful chemicals compared to alternatives. At Dresdner Essenz, it’s our philosophy to use raw, plant-based materials and do not test our products on animals. Our vegan products are entirely free of animal products and raw materials originating from animals.

Non-vegan and non-cruelty-free products often generate higher amounts of greenhouse gas pollution, water waste, and other negative consequences for our planet. The promotion of sustainability is driven by a deeper appreciation for the environment. Positive change begins with an ability to understand and spot the difference between using certain kinds of products, versus harmful alternatives. Read more about the benefits of vegan products and their impact on our environment and future generations. Our goal is to make our entire range of products vegan.

Cardboard and Innovative Packaging Solutions

When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, many brands begin by limiting their use of plastics and opting for recycled materials. Cardboard is organic, biodegradable, and one of the most common, eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions. Cardboard offers protection throughout the shipping process with its strength, durability, and adaptability in size. Many brands have also started offering refillable packaging options to help consumers reduce waste by reusing product packaging.

At Dresdner Essenz, we’re striving for sustainability by working towards incremental changes for a healthier planet. We are committed to promoting a holistic approach to the health of our customers and environment. We carefully consider the use of recycled materials and the recyclability of our packaging.While we have used glass for some products, these glass bottles can be recycled as waste glass containers and processed into new packaging. Reusing and repurposing glass is one way you can help the planet. Think about glass containers that can be converted after product-use and cleaned to store other items. By using recycled materials and recyclable packaging, our process aims to protect the environment.

Look For Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

From sourcing natural ingredients, to preserving our natural environment, to using sustainable packaging,
such as cardboard, Dresdner Essenz is on a mission to promote a healthier world. Eco-friendly products and
environmentally-conscious packaging efforts have become a top concern for consumers and can help brands differentiate their products from harmful, less environmentally-friendly alternatives. Knowing how to spot the differences between these brands and types of products can help consumers and companies lead the way for positive change.

As you shop for skincare and bath and body products, look for labels that describe the use of natural ingredients, vegan products, and sustainable materials. The more you actively seek out this type of information, the more companies will listen. Your consumer behavior influences their efforts and impacts the changes that brands decide to implement. At Dresdner Essenz, we handle resources in a sustainable manner, using energy-efficient means. Browse all of our products today and see if you can spot the list of natural ingredients in our product descriptions or the product packaging labels identifying our vegan and cruelty-free products. We then invite you to place an order
online and see our eco-friendly packaging solutions first-hand.

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