3 Simple Steps That Lead to a Healthier You

3 Simple Steps That Lead to a Healthier You

Published by Dresdner Essenz on 28th May 2021

With Women’s Health Week in May and Men’s Health Week in June, now is the perfect time to talk about ways to build a healthier lifestyle. Small actions may lead to significant lifestyle adjustments. Creating change that lasts often takes time and patience. This process starts with a goal. Everyone has their own goals and measures of success, so try to avoid comparisons. Your decision to make a change, followed by the first action you take, activates your goal and moves you a step closer to success. If you’re wondering where to start or how to take that first action step, here are 3 simple steps that can help lead to a healthier you.

Learn How to Read Labels and Which Labels Matter to You

Feeling healthy and happy are ways your body expresses wellness. That’s why the products and active ingredients that you use to care for it are particularly important. By learning how to read and understand product labels and ingredients, you gain the opportunity to practice control over what you put in and on your body. As a consumer, knowing which labels and ingredients you care about empowers you to make informed decisions that support your personal health and values.The labels on food, beverages, and body care products may seem overwhelming. Start by looking up the words you aren’t familiar with and how they affect human health. Then, think about your goals and what you want to achieve. For example, if your skin has been feeling dry, search for ingredients with moisturizing effects. If your primary concern is the impact on animals, research brands that offer vegan products. If you’ve been feeling stressed, look for ingredients associated with calming and relaxing side effects. At Dresdner Essenz, we use natural essential oils and high-quality raw, plant-based ingredients whose gentle effects help you feel rejuvenated and healthy all around. We’ve created a list of common ingredients included in our hair and body care products. This list includes details about the health and wellness benefits associated with different ingredients.

Learning how ingredients affect your body at a basic level allows you to begin making small changes. For a deeper analysis of your personal health, seek a nutritionist or dietician who can help you understand how certain ingredients react and work within your body. These experts may also offer advice for you to develop your understanding of food and drink nutrition labels.

Take Time to Unwind During a Shower or Bath 

Busy schedules and tired minds often result in a routine of quick showers. However, a shower presents the perfect opportunity for individuals with little “me time” to pause and unwind for a few minutes. At Dresdner Essenz, wellness implies doing something good for yourself, taking time away from everyday stress, and keeping your body and spirit in balance. Thanks to our Wellness products, you can rejuvenate your senses and body in the comfort of your own home. You can also find Dresdner Essenz body wash and cleansing bars to help wash away the stress of your day. A bath can feel like a time commitment, but there are ways to make baths productive and relaxing. Think about what you do to decompress after a busy day or how you like to relax. Then, think about ways to combine these activities with bath time. Make a playlist of all your favorite peaceful songs, podcasts, or audiobooks to enjoy during your bath. Find a little table or stand to prop up a laptop or tablet to catch up on your favorite shows. At Dresdner Essenz, we have a range of bath products, including a Stress Relief Set with Hemp to help you unwind once you decide how and when to take your next bath.

Connect with Friends and Family

As humans, we’re considered to be social creatures by nature. Connecting with others is key to our survival. Staying in touch with friends and family leads to a healthier and happier you. This process of reaching out may look different for everyone. Whether your focus is on existing friendships and family ties or those that have weakened over time, the goal is to nurture and grow strong, positive, and healthy relationships.

Make an effort to call one friend or family member each week. Think about someone in your family or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and schedule a time on your calendar to call and check-in with them. If you’re not sure what to say, share the top 3 moments of your week and encourage them to do the same. If phone calls and voicemails aren’t in your comfort zone, set a reminder to send a weekly text. With technology, we’ve become experts at communicating virtually through social media and video platforms, as well. Scheduling a weekly chat with someone can benefit your mental health and boost a positive mindset. If you’re struggling or experiencing any challenges, healthy relationships and more communication typically lead to a stronger support system. Maintaining and building a supportive network of friends and family requires work, but dedicating 15-minutes a week to touch-base with someone you care about can make it easier.

Take Your First Steps

Wellness implies doing something good for ourselves, taking time away from everyday stress and keeping our body and spirit in balance. At Dresdner Essenz, we want to help you relax and unwind, so you can enjoy a healthier version of yourself and the special moments in your life. We blend elements into our products for a unique combination of care, relaxation, and inspiration. Our philosophy is backed by psychological findings that confirm how healing and wellness products are most effective in offering benefits for our body and spirit, when used holistically. Living a healthier lifestyle begins with small steps and simple choices. Knowing and recognizing the ingredient labels you care about, taking your time in a shower or bath, and connecting with loved ones are practices you can take that lead to a healthier you.